The “secret wife” of King Fahd wins in court

A woman who claims to be the “secret wife” of the late King Fahd of Saudi Arabia has won a multimillion-pound payout in a London court to honour a promise that she would be looked after for the rest of her life.

A judge ruled that Palestinian-born Janan Harb, 68, was entitled to more than £15m plus the value of two expensive London properties.

Harb told the court she had secretly married the king in 1968 when she was 19 and he was still a prince and his country’s minister of the interior. The judge said her claim was credible.

Harb said Prince Abdul Aziz – the son of another wife of the king – met her at the Dorchester Hotel in London on 20 June 2003 when the king was seriously ill.

In the early hours of the morning he agreed to pay her £12m and transfer back to her two flats in Chelsea, to keep his father’s promise of lifelong financial support.

The prince made written statements to the court denying her claim.