Israeli Authority Deprives Palestinian Woman Of Meeting Her Son In Turkey

Israeli Authority banned the Palestinian 89-year-old woman Zubaida al-Awawdeh from traveling to receive treatment and visit her son, Salahuddin al-Awawdeh, who was deported by the Israeli Authority to Turkey, according to Palestinian local agencies.

The last time when the elderly woman met with her deported son was in 2013 for the first time in ten years. Before that, she had been denied the right to visit her son in Israeli jails for 11 years.

Salahuddin said that his mother has been suffering from a stroke in addition to other chronic diseases and faints most of the time. She is unable to move or even chew food normally, he added.

The deported ex-detainee Salahuddin pointed out that the Israeli Authority has recently banned his mother from traveling to Jordan for treatment in full disregard to her medical reports from Palestinian and Jordanian hospitals and the coordination by Palestinian and Jordanian Red Crescent for transferring her via an ambulance car. Salahuddin al-Awawdeh served 19 years of imprisonment in Israeli jails before being released in Wafaa al-Ahrar prisoner swap deal in 2011 and accordingly being deported to Turkey.