Come again, we will be waiting for you with our fists clenched

By: Ibrahim Karagül*

We managed to revive ourselves against the fourth biggest shockwave, the heaviest attack after the Crusades, the Mongolian invasion, World War I, the global intervention adjusted to destroy our country, invasion from within the country, the traitors among us, the civil war scenario, and the treacherous plans adjusted to drive us out of Anatolia after a thousand years. We managed to challenge them and tell the whole world, “We are here and we will continue to be here until the apocalypse.”

We did it with our martyrs, who used their bodies as shields against bullets, tanks and helicopters on the night of July 15, who did not hesitate for even a moment.

‘Why wasn’t I there that night?’

We succeeded with those who could not reach martyrdom; our veterans, our youth, elderly and women, who made ablution and ran out of their homes, with our people who carried the burden of a thousand years.

We did it with those who regretted not being there that night, those who kept country vigils for days at all squares around the country and those who kept this vigil with the understanding of an independence struggle.

Erdoğan, iron will, history-writing heart

We succeeded with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who the status quo chose as the primary target to dissolve Turkey, the iron will in Ankara, the history-writing heart in Istanbul.

We succeeded with that deep mind adjusted to save not only Anatolia, but the entire region, to protect not only Istanbul but our ancient cities that have witnessed numerous empires.

We succeeded by knowing to unite tens of millions of hearts, millions of voices in a single statement: We made a pact for the first time after a century for Grand Turkey, for a new establishment.

We made a promise with adhans, salas…

We drew ourselves, our country a path with our adhans, salas, poems, songs and legendary stories of resistance; we decided to continue the great walk. Regardless of which terrorist organization comes, which betrayal network is tasked, which invasion plans are applied, we succeeded by promising to complete that great walk.

We broke their routine. We ruined their game. While those who came to destroy us ran without even looking behind, we came a single country, a nation, shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart.

We ruined all their destruction scenarios.

Now every individual is resisting, ever home is a defense line

We knew how to turn every inch of Anatolia’s land into a fort, a resistance front. We decided to establish resistance fronts and forts, to keep the last fort standing, to spread the “relentless resistance” in every inch of this country, individual by individual, house by house, street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood, and city by city.

Everyone will continue on the democracy watch in their own home, street, neighborhood and village. They are going to be on alert at all times against the dirty and bloody plans of Fetullah Gülen and his terrorists, those traitors and their masters. We are not going to share this country with them, we are not going to forget even for a moment the truth that they are both inside and outside enemies, we are always going to curse them as the culprits of these most shame-filled pages of our history and bury them in these soils.

July 15 is going to change world history

Let the analyses without soul continue. Let there be those who say, “Let us protect our ties with the U.S. and not make the U.S. concerned.” Let some play internal invader in this country, make secret plans and continue to set up new games. Let some insist on avoiding sharing the feelings of the millions of people who swarmed into all cities of my country, to Yenikapı yesterday. Let them belittle these words as valor.

History will be written not in their language, their relations, their alliances or enmity, but with these words. It is going to be written with the words, perception, thought and stance of those who have been keeping watch at the squares since July 15.

History will be written by this great nation that reached the squares in flocks from villages, cities, and streets that gave the whole world the strongest message that turned the revolt into a part of their everyday life.

We will never turn from this path

We will never turn from this path. This is the sole will that is going to save the country, state and nation. This is the mind that will ensure we stay on these lands for another millennium.

We are going to have songs and poems written, marches played based on this. This legend, this conscience, this is how the history-changing will is going to be passed on generation to generation. Our social memory, the pages of our history will be decorated with the heroes of this new foundation.

This new wave of revolt, new wave of rise, this objection and struggle to find oneself is soon going to overflow the borders of Anatolia and spread to the countries around us. Just as a new wave of revival rose from Anatolia after the World War and spread to the region in waves, it is going to be the same again. Countries and nations are going to accept and adopt the resistance and stance, the showdown discourse put forth in Turkey by millions.

We never dropped to our knees in history

This wave, this anger is going to turn to those responsible for the civil wars wreaking havoc in our region, the invasions, coups and dirty scenarios. This word, this language, this political identity, perhaps like a century ago, is going to turn into the identity and discourse of an independence struggle traveling from country to country.

As long as our hearts cannot be invaded, never fear. We have shown that hearts cannot be invaded since July 15. We showed it in Yenikapı and Anatolian cities as millions of people. Never throughout history did we learn to kneel, bow down, obey, become complaisant or surrender with fear. We will continue to be so. We will continue not to fear. We will continue to stand tall. We are going to draw our own path and complete our great walk.

Forget old statements, we are going through a revolution…

After this stage, forget your old statements. We now have to speak using new words, a new language. After a revolution, we need to say new things for after a nation rises up. State, nation, country, homeland, history are all going to be redefined. Political discourse, social solidarity are going to be spoken in new words. Those who are condemned to memorization are going to lose.

They are going to fall behind this new establishment, new social agreement and disappear. After this stage, they won’t be able to achieve anything with their terrorist organizations, security policies, and internal invasion apparatuses. Those who invested in Gülen and his terrorists are going to be forever damned on these lands, seen as the enemy, declared a threat and face our nation’s wrath.

We will teach them what this country is made of

We will teach them what this nation is made of. We will remind them again of the power of these lands, the history-maker role of this people. We will show them how the tongs in their hands will burn their hands. We will leave them alone with their lies, fraud, puppets and hitmen.

The U.S. and Europe have long lost this country and the moral ground as the powers behind the open attack against Turkey by hiding behind the tanks and making a partnership with the terrorist organization. It has surrendered to fascism, anti-Islamism and been preparing its own masses through covert operations for a global-scale attack against Islam.

They shared Turkey and got caught red handed

After this stage nothing will be like it used to. At least our people and streets are never going to see them as friends. The point where the threat came from was made clear on July 15. They were caught red-handed, became partners with the coup plotters, made plans for after the coup and shared Turkey among themselves.

What is known is that all the dirty networks were involved in the coup and roles were cast even for those who poisoned Yasser Arafat. The U.S. and Europe tasked part of their dirty works to some of the countries, leaders, terrorist groups and crime networks in our region. The bloody partnership has been revealed and will continue to be so.

They didn’t know what hit them; they were shocked

Yes, we did it. We overcame such an atrocity, a scenario, project, and destruction plan. We made those who believe they would certainly succeed a historic shock. They didn’t know what hit them and could not even speak. They were not expecting such reaction, such resistance and insight from this country. We will not stop here. We will rapidly go further. We will wipe out all their partners from these lands.

But, don’t slack off. They will come again, attack again, raise terror and apply sly scenarios that would even make the devil green with envy. They will attack to prepare a civil war environment, to decrease Turkey’s resistance, to punish our people who have been on democracy watches at squares since July 15, to take revenge.

This is something never seen before in history

Let them attack. We will be here. We will be waiting for them. We will increase our fury waiting. We will reinforce our resistance forts. We are going to clench our fists and become interlocked even tighter. As a nation that overcame fear, we will teach them that Turkey does not consist of Turkey alone.

Yesterday, we saw a Turkey like no other in world history ever before. Five million people were in Istanbul and millions of others flocked to the squares in 81 of our provinces. This is a power that will change world history; a solidarity never before seen in history.

No fear, only alert

This is the declaration that Turkey will be completely different from now on. This is a revolution that came after a century. This is our way of telling the world we are ready for any kind of attack. Victory belongs to our nation, to Turkey, to those who are shoulder to shoulder with Turkey, to those whose hearts beat with ours.

We will never forget our tears or our anger. We are not going to be afraid or kneel, but we are going to be on alert every night and day. Victory is ours and will always be ours!

*Ibrahim Karagül is a Turkish writer and journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper.

(Published in Yeni Şafak Turkish newspaper on Monday 8, 2016)