Don’t you dare slack off, this isn’t over yet

BY: İbrahim Karagül*

Or what kind of scenario will those who are attempting to drag Turkey into a civil war to make it kneel come up with next? Will we get a back fist slap– one we never expected?Do the things happening in countries around us give us clues about what may be planned for Turkey? Or was the July 15 atrocity enough to present a real perspective to the kind of threat we are facing? Or have we again chosen the convenience of taking refuge in the idea that “this is over”?

The showdown is world-scale, this is not over

We have very serious questions. Almost all of the answers we can give to these questions are of the painful kind. We have grave concerns. The proof of our concerns is what we have experienced to date. Nobody should take the easy way out for anything, thinking, “O.K., this is over,” before a complete account is given for everything that happened until today,before a complete investigation is conducted and before the entire picture becomes visible.

Everybody should refrain from falling for the suggestion of a new hibernation period by those who surrendered to the same easy way out pre-July 15, who thought that Fetullah Gülen and his terrorists would not make a new move and, as a matter of fact, who chose to make the Dec. 17 and Dec. 25 attacks forgotten.

Those who know that this is a world-scale showdown, that it is the “foundation” of a historic plan, that has been ongoing since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, and that it will continue as long as Turkey continues to challenge, that the matter did not start and end with the Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ) alone know the true meaning of the threat.

There are those weakening the defense line

Those other than them are, either due to their naiveté or failure, to read the complete picture or based on heinous plans to “turn every crisis into profit,” somehow trying to push Turkey into that defenseless area. We walked into this trap a couple times. Our defense shields have been weakened through “covert interventions” from politics, bureaucracy and the business world in the name of “normalization.”

It is right at this time that we always made “relentless struggle” calls. We knew what this meant, the kind of global attack wave Turkey was resisting and how the Turkey leg of the map drafts aimed at the region was being prepared.

This is why we stated many times that defense lines need to be formed individual by individual, house by house, street by street and neighborhood by neighborhood. We knew and know that as long as Turkey continues not to bow down, as long as it continues to rebel against the tutelage ongoing since World War I and embraces political rhetoric that will uplift the geography, this struggle will continue.

Threat from allies; those alliances will not protect us

Let us repeat once more that the matter is not only FETÖ, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) or the Democratic Union Party (PYD), that a multi-, many-front attack is in question, that these groups are used as hitmen in the operational sense, that all these groups are mobilized for this great war. The North Syria Corridor is a plan to surround/siege Turkey and the attack is now coming from Turkey’s allies and it is being carried out from the south.

Turkey should immediately question its relations with the international organizations that it has affiliations with. Don’t misunderstand me; I am not saying it should leave them. These relations should simply be placed on a rational ground. When push comes to shove, every country, every state acts with their own defense reflex. No country can trust their own future to their current alliances or assign their defense to them. This is suicide in the strict sense.

Worn out, old lies

The attitude of security-centric supra-national organizations, which Turkey is among, have become a source of threat for Turkey. Those who are able to look sensibly will see that the threats we are facing are coming directly from these centers. If the country’s sovereignty, independence, future calculations are held subject to support from NATO or other organizations, this country will have no future.

Look at the U.S.’s Syria policies, look at Germany or the U.K.’s policies, take note of the EU’s view of Turkey in general. They are all against Turkey and what’s more is that they have been fictionalized to hit Turkey and turn it into Syria. Nobody should try and cover these facts with worn out, old lies such as anti-West or anti-U.S. sentiment.

Those who – even in such a state – knock on those doors thinking “I wonder if there might be a power domain opening for me, too,” are either unaware of the evil intentions of these countries or are appealing to this evil intention, or are having trouble reading the general tendencies of Turkey and the region.

While their friends shoot at Turkey

While July 15 is clearly the U.S.’s plan, while it is a civil war intervention and not a coup attempt, while they want to modify Turkey’s map, there is a single obligation required of us and that is to be ready for the biggest struggle of all.

To be honest, those alliances no longer have any significance for us. There is no such world left either. Condemning Turkey to single-sided dependencies all over again, while a multipolar, multi-capital, more complex international relations network is obvious, will be our end.

Isn’t our objection to this dependency the reason why we are under attack? Are we not attacked by all terrorist organizations because we want to be liberated? Are our allies not behind the majority of these organizations? Isn’t Dec. 17 their plan? Isn’t July 15 their plan? Aren’t they the ones who shot at us? Isn’t the terrorist invasion we fought off after the June 7 elections their plan? Aren’t they the ones cooking up the bad scenarios that from now we will be facing next?

Are they not the ones that want to destroy Turkey politically and in terms of security as well as economically? Are they not the ones that got Moody’s to make that decision right after President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s New York meetings and determined attitude?

Say this and it will be over in a day

Are those who rule the world not conducting these cruel attacks because they cannot control Turkey? If we said, “O.K., we give up; we are with you,” if we said, “We will follow all your orders,” if we said, “We will fight for your operations worldwide,” if we said, “We are re-surrendering to the single-sided dependency relationship,” if we said, “We accept the post-Ottoman era tutelage, we can continue in the same way in the 21st century too,” all if these attacks would end in a day.

But then, we will have lost another century. Great objectives will have great struggles. You cannot impose downsizing to those who have become used to being great states for centuries. You cannot get them to accept it. The moment we surrender, Turkey will shrink; this is the plan.

We will continue to be, either by growing or shrinking. Those who agree to shrinking can step aside, they will not be able to have any role in the future of this country. Even if a price is paid, there will be those who make history, those who come forward, who turn the entire country into a map of resistance.

They will cast us as a terrorist organization

The moment we surrender, the moment we kneel, the moment we say, “O.K., have it your way,” we are going to stoop to the level of the PKK and Daesh, the organizations that are made to attack us today. Because they now carry out their proxy wars through organizations and the only thing they can impose on us will be to choose a front in their proxy wars. This showdown is unavoidable. If Turkey is being reshaped without any showdown, then there must be a serious problem and it means that it has surrendered to a new kind of tutelage. The history of all that is happening today will not be written the way it is today. The history-changing role will be written in the future, which is when how the region’s political history was changed will be understood.

This is why future generations will better understand the foundation laid by today’s leaders of the struggle. This is why we need to be careful against the “hypnotizing” operations by circles that have their heads hanging down in front of them, that have no memory or perspective.

We are in open war

Turkey is being re-established. The foundations of a future are being laid. Attacks will continue to stop this great walk and the struggle is not going to be easy. But the people of this country, Anatolia, will never give up. Just as they poured into the streets on July 15, they will not hesitate to show new struggle methods in many other formats.

Nobody should dare to try and stop us at the zero point of our borders right in this re-establishment period. This is a state of defenselessness. No state would or can defend itself at the zero point of the border. If we do this, they are going to spread the war into the country and this defense line will retreat all the way into Anatolia. What’s clear is that we are in an open war. Those coup attempts, terrorist attacks, corridor projects, those interventions to sabotage the executive mind eliminating the history-maker leaders are all a part of war.

We saw and understood this war!

We saw this war. We saw the powers behind it. We saw the traitors in Turkey. We saw this new war type because we saw the Crusades on these lands, we saw the Mongolian invasion and World War I. We also saw the one that was the bloodiest and lowliest on July 15. We also projected that they will attack again, that they are making even more treacherous preparations.

Even if they attempt to invade, whether it is a coup attempt, a civil war attempt or economic chaos plans, this country will not bow down; no one other than traitors will stumble, no one else’s knees will tremble.

After this stage, they will not succeed in any of their plans. On the contrary, the struggle spirit and discourse will spread through the entire geography in waves.

Perhaps this is what they need to fear.

*Ibrahim Karagül is a Turkish writer and journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper.

(Published in Yeni Şafak Turkish newspaper on Monday, Sept. 26, 2016)