Turkish, coalition forces strike Daesh targets in Syria

– Since start of Operation Euphrates Shield, Turkish military has so far destroyed over 1,700 Daesh targets
– One soldier has been martyred and three others injured in the northern Syrian town of al Rai by Daesh terrorists during Turkey’s ongoing Operation Euphrates Shield, according to military sources, reported Anadolu Agency.According to the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to restrictions on talking to the media, clashes occurred between Free Syrian Army, Turkish soldiers, and Daesh on Monday. At least 18 Daesh terrorists were killed and one Turkish soldier was martyred in the Ziyara residential area, located in eastern al Rai, which is controlled by the Free Syrian Army.

The Turkish General Staff also hit 75 Daesh targets with 221 rounds of Firtina (storm) howitzer fire, 14 military tanks, and 40 rounds of multiple rocket launchers, the sources added.

-Air operations

According to the Turkish Air Forces, on Monday six Daesh targets located in Dabiq, Rasm al Wardm, and Aktarim were bombarded by Turkish jets.

In addition, army forces carried out nine airstrikes separately in the Turkmen Bari, Ziyara, Titanah, and Aktarin regions, killing five Daesh terrorists and destroying five buildings.

A total of 1,875 Daesh targets have been destroyed by over 7,100 rounds of artillery and rocket fire since the start of the operation in late August.

To date, a total of 115 residential areas in 980 square kilometers (380 square miles) of northern Syria have so far been cleared of Daesh terrorists.

Turkey says Operation Euphrates Shield, launched on Aug. 24, is aimed at bolstering border security, supporting coalition forces, and eliminating the threat posed by terror organizations, especially Daesh.

The operation is in line with the country’s right to self-defense borne out of international treaties and a mandate given to Turkey’s armed forces by its parliament in 2014, which was extended for another year in September 2015.