Gulf writers criticize the Timing of Announcing the $ 2 billion to Egypt

Days after the Saudi oil company Aramco informed Egypt that it would suspend petroleum aid, the Egyptian prime minister told Reuters today that his country received a $2 billion central bank deposit from Saudi Arabia in September.

The announcement timing of receiving the deposit that could bring Egypt closer to clinching a $12 billion IMF lending programmer, agitated numbers of gulf writers and analysts.

Khaled El mehawish reacted on the news of this Saudi deposit, saying on his official twitter account “The deposit was a month before the Egyptian voting for the Russians, the announcement of the deposit by the Egyptian government came after the suspension of the oil aid, so why didn’t they announce this information at that time.”

Also, Abdulkhaleq Abdulla , the Emirati academic, asked about the destiny of the huge Gulf aid to Egypt estimated at billions of dollars.

“Today, Egypt received $ 2 billion deposit from Saudi Arabia, it’s time to ask the question: where did the Gulf aid to Egypt go? We want a sane, calm, and convincing answer”, Abdulkhaleq Abdulla wrote on Twitter.

On the other hand, Former Kuwaiti Information Minister Saad Al-Ajmi called on Gulf countries to take action against Cairo at an international level for Egypt’s vote in favor of a Russian draft resolution at the United Nations Security Council .

He wrote a tweet criticizing Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi’s lack of “truthfulness” over vows to support the Gulf, saying “We saw his real weight in the G20 summit in China and we felt his loyalty in the Security Council vote.”

“It is not out of hatred toward the Egyptian people, but for Sisi to know his place and to stop blackmailing us”, Former Kuwaiti Information Minister reacted to the decision of Saudi Aramco of suspending oil products to Egypt, which was resumed one day after the Saudi company’s decision.