Prominent Qatari journalist loses his job because of a “Tweet”

Although Al-Sharq, a Qatari newspaper, has declared that its editor in chief Jaber al-Harami had resigned for “personal circumstances”, but Saudi bloggers on Twitter considered the resignation as a price for Al Harami’s offensive Tweet against Saudi Arabia.

According to Al Hurra, aL Harami surprised his audience by taking this step, after about 12 years of working in the Qatari newspaper.


Following the resignation news, Qatari prompting activists and social media bloggers claim to dissuade Jaber al-Harami from his Sudden decision, calling him “Qatar’s son and the father of Qatari people.”

In November 6, Jaber al-Harami wrote on his official Twitter account “There are states that have reduced the salaries of its citizens, while Qatar announces increasing the salaries of its citizens;, this is a leadership which devoted the nation’s wealth for the sake of its citizens.”

Saudis were offended by this tweet and considered it as a cynical attitude on the austerity measures adopted by Saudi Arabia, including a reduction in the wages of employees.

However, Jaber al-Harami, the editor in chief of “Al-Sharq” newspaper since 2008, wrote on Twitter that he did not intend to offend Saudi Arabia.

As known, Al-Sharq newspaper is pro Qatari government and its policies, a well as Jaber al-Harami himself support the Arab-coalition led by Saudi Arabia in Yemen, and defend its war against Houthis.

Saudi Arabia had cancelled bonuses of employees and cut the salaries of ministers by 20 per cent, as part of Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s economic plan “vision 2030”.