Haftar’s downfall is in sight, UN-proposed government’s official claims

Mohammed Al-Ghasri, the spokesman of the defense ministry of the UN-proposed government, has revealed that the end of Khalifa Haftar is approaching and the current clashes in southern Libya has already kicked it off.

The spokesman, Al-Ghasri, explained that the international intervention forces will target Haftar’s fighter aircraft and forces, who are fighting currently in Libya’s south.

“We have called on the international community to begin a no-fly zone in the south and the Head of the Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sirraj asked the international community to intervene to end Haftar’s chaos in Libya.” Al-Ghasri further explained.

“All of the current movements done by the forces led by Khalifa Haftar are going to go useless and with zero effect on the ground.” He added.

Meantime, the spokesman of Dignity Operation forces, Ahmed Al-Mismari, described the ongoing clashes in southern Libya as an attempt to drive Third Force troops, appointed by the defense ministry, outside the region.

Clashes in southern Libya renewed Sunday afternoon after Dignity Operation had attacked Timnahent airbase using more than 20 howitzers, following a fragile ceasefire truce that was announced for three days between the pro-Dignity Operation forces led by Mohammed Ben Nayel and the UN-proposed government’s forces appointed by the defense minister-designate.

The southern region, especially Timnahent airbase, has been the arena for a non-stop fight between those two parties since late March this year.