Facebook Blocks Videos of Egyptian Businessman and Actor Accusing Sisi, His Wife and Military Leaders of Corruption

Facebook deleted videos uploaded by an Egyptian actor and businessman on his Facebook page revealing that Egypt’s Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, his wife, and some military leaders have wasted billions of Egyptian pounds.

Mohamed Ali

Egyptian actor and businessman Mohamed Ali posted 5 videos 30min.+ on his Facebook page, accusing Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, his wife, and some military commanders of corruption. Ali said Sisi, his wife Intisar, and some military commanders, including Kamel al-Wazir, the current Minister of Transportation, have wasted billions of Egyptian pounds.

Mohamed Ali, an actor and owner of a contracting company that carries out projects for the Egyptian army, accused in the video Sisi and his wife Intisar, the current Minister of Transport, Major General Kamel al-Wazir (former chairman of the Armed Forces Engineering Authority), and other military leaders, including Major General Essam El-Khouly, the Director of Projects at the Engineering Authority, Major General Mohamed El Behairy, Brigadier Yasser Hamza, and Lt. Colonel Mohamed Talaat – accused them all of corruption.

Ali was forced to leave Egypt for Barcelona, ​​Spain because of what he described as fear of tyranny against him and his family.

Ali explained that he had been cooperating with the Egyptian army in carrying out construction projects for 15 years. He said he built the house of Sisi when he was defense minister.

Mohamed Ali explained that his story started when the Armed Forces Engineering Authority assigned him to start immediately digging the foundations of a huge hotel for the military intelligence in Choueifat, al-Tagamo’ al-Khames (Fifth Settlement), east of Cairo.

When asked about the reasons for acceleration of the hotel construction without giving any time for preparing feasibility studies for the project that was likely to cost about LE two billions (the dollar’s price is about LE 16.5), military leaders told him that the president must see that the work in the hotel construction has already started, noting that the area (Choueifat) is not a touristic area to accommodate the new hotel, especially that there are other hotels nearby.

Ali said the secret behind building a hotel in this area is to meet the desire of a Maj. General at the military intelligence, a close friend of Sisi, who wanted to build the hotel on a piece of land in front of his house.

Ali explained that the Engineering Authority assigned him to carry out the project by direct order, not through a tender involving several companies, which he considered the beginning of real corruption. Ali pointed out that the financing comes through bank loans in the name of the contractor but with the guarantee of the army, which implicated many contractors with government and private banks.

Ali pointed out that he was the victim of disputes between the military intelligence, the owner of the project, and the engineering authority, that supervises its implementation. When Maj. General Sherif finally decided to stop construction until completing necessary feasibility studies and new designs, which took a year, during which the engineering authority forced the contractor not to withdraw workers from the site. “When I told them it was causing heavy losses, they said: do you want the president to know that the project is suspended?”

The Egyptian contractor and actor talked about another dramatic incident, when the engineering authority instructed him before the disputes to withdraw all workers and go to build a special rest house for Sisi in Alexandria’s Mamoura area. The military leaders told him that this was a top priority, because the president decided to spend the Eid al-Adha holiday there.

Ali explained that the rest house cost about LE 250 million, in addition to the price of furniture and the price of the land itself, pointing out that Ms. Intisar, wife of Sisi, ordered additional amendments costing about LE 25 million.

Ali accused Sisi of lying when he talked about the poverty of Egypt and Egyptians, while spending millions on himself and his family, and wasting billions of pounds in projects such as the new administrative capital, pointing out that the revenues of the new Suez Canal shunt did not even cover the cost of its opening ceremony, although Sisi promised the Egyptians that it will yield billions of pounds.

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