Egypt: Politician says Sisi is likely to announce not to run for presidency in Mid-2024

Egyptian politician and head of the Egyptian Reform and Development Party says he expects Egypt’s Sisi to announce he will not run for presidency once again in the in Mid-2024 presidential elections

Head of the Egyptian Reform and Development Party Mohamed Anwar Esmat El-Sadat, expected that the head of the Egyptian regime, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, to announce that he would not run for the upcoming presidential elections scheduled for mid-2024, describing this as the “biggest event”, reported Arabi21.

In a statement issued today, Sadat said: “I expect by the date of the 2024 presidential elections, and after Sisi completes his tenth year in power … that he will announce he will not be running in 2024.”

This came after a lengthy account of the period of Al-Sisi’s rule, which he praised considering him the country’s “savior”.

“The popular had summoned President Sisi to lead the nation, and he did not delay, and he answered the call of duty during a difficult period in the nation’s life. This is our hope in the armed forces in times of adversity and threat to the security and stability of the country when the political and civil forces are not ready to take responsibility.”

“Indeed, he spared no effort in building the country and stabilizing the pillars and institutions of the state after years of Egyptians suffering. This made us realize with certainty that Egypt is in the hands of men who kept their promise to God.”

“Until now, Sisi continues to give with determination and resolve, giving everything he has to build a modern civil state and a new republic worthy of the size and position of Egypt. Thanks are due to all Egyptians who have, and still bear, the tax and the bill of economic reform and its consequences in the hope of a better future with equality, freedom, and equal opportunity.”

He said that despite Al-Sisi’s achievements, he expects him not to run in the next presidential election.

Sadat ended his words saying: “We will witness once again elections similar to the 2012 presidential election, the results of which are unknown in advance, and everyone will be waiting for the winner until the moment the result is announced.”

Al-Sisi’s second and last term in power was supposed to end in June 2022, but in 2019 his regime passed controversial constitutional amendments extending his presidential term to six instead of four years.