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AKP won new majority in Turkish election

November 1, 2015 Support

The Islamist party of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, AKP, on Sunday regained its majority in Parliament in the snap election that represented a stunning comeback, and ensured another period of single party government in Turkey. More [ More … ]

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Busniess difficulties in Egypt

October 29, 2015 Support

Egypt fell to 131st place out of 189 countries in the yearly World Bank survey “Doing Business Report”, which ranks countries according to the ease with which entrepreneurs can launch and run a business in [ More … ]

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Egypts foreign reserves in free fall

October 25, 2015 Support

“Despite the government’s best efforts, the rattle of money-counting machines can again be heard in Egypt’s back alleys, where traders sell dollars at a premium to the official rate. The government devalued the pound to match [ More … ]

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Leading Brotherhood member arrested in Egypt

October 22, 2015 Support

Egyptian security forces have arrested businessman Hassan Malik,  security officials said, as part of the sustained crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood. -He was arrested in Cairo on charges of funding a group that promotes violence, said [ More … ]

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Low turn out at Egypt’s elections

October 18, 2015 Support

Just over two percent of eligible voters have gone to the ballot boxes on the day of the Egyptian parliament elections in order to decide on Egypt’s first parliament since the military coup against the [ More … ]

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Many questions remain unanswered in Egypt

October 11, 2015 Support

In an article named “The sad state of Egypt’s liberals - Who is left to fight for democracy?” the Economist is asking the relevant questions before the upcoming parliamentary elections in Egypt. “IF YOU believe Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, [ More … ]